Solutions for the futureof Waste Management

Today, economic activity that doesn’t take ecological considerations into account is no longer justifiable. The responsible use of natural resources, the search for alternative sources of energy and the reduction of waste and emissions have become an integral part of today’s society. The time has now come for new approaches to waste management that demonstrate how forward thinking and sustainable we are in how we use our resources.

Cutting-EdgeEnvironmental Technology

In January 2021, we founded the greentech start-up GIS Recycling in order to support companies from a wide range of industries in establishing a sustainable waste management system, thus allowing them to operate in terms of material cycles that are both economically viable and ecologically sustainable. With innovative systems and solutions, we want to set new technological standards in waste recycling and open up a wide range of possibilities for our customers to harness the potential of their residual materials in a way that adds value to their business.

To this end, we consciously draw on the wealth of experience from the following areas:

High-quality system engineering

Tried-and-tested process technology 

Efficient bioenergy production from organic residual materials

It’s second nature to us –and a real asset to you

For us there is no waste, only recyclable materials. This is the principle we follow while working on innovative solutions for recycling an ever-increasing range of substrates and residual materials in both an economically efficient and ecologically sustainable way. We will support you on your way to implementing a sustainable management system for recyclables to suit your needs.

Innovation meets tradition

Both of these ideas come into play at GIS Recycling. We combine the innovation of a greentech start-up with the established knowledge from the waste management industry. For us, this is what state-of-the-art management of recyclables means.

Versatile and tailored to individual needs

Right in line with the needs of our customers, we provide them with the tools they need to recycle a wide range of organic materials in both a profitable and a sustainable way.

Development is at the forefront of our work

We are constantly investing in applied research in order to be able to offer more approaches and better solutions for sustainable management of recyclables.

Profitability can be green

Growth-oriented and environmentally friendly operations do not exclude one another. We prove this to ourselves and our customers every day.


Our team is made up of specialists with many years of experience in the recycling industry.

Your contact partners:

Alexander Strasser
Managing Director
+43 676 84 9733 46

Gernot Huber
Managing Partner


We are looking for motivated and committed people who are looking to design a sustainable future together with us. Do you have a way with technology, do you always think outside the box and do you have comprehensive knowledge or industry experience in the field of environmental technology? Then why not apply for one of our vacancies?

There are currently no vacancies available.

However, we are always happy to receive your speculative application!


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or you would like to learn more about our work. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!