Creating Value.Not Waste.

Economically profitable and ecologically sustainable waste recycling is possible and we can provide you with the right solutions to do just this – customised to your individual needs and with reliable quality.

Working together with nature

GIS Recycling is your competent partner for all the questions and challenges that modern waste management of today poses. We are creating real sustainability thanks to technological innovations and we think in natural life cycles, not in disposal chains. Our work and our solutions contribute to sustaining an environment that we want to live in and, above all, we want to provide answers to the individual challenges that our customers face when it comes to dealing with their residual materials.

Advantages for you

Sustainable residual material management pays off for you in many ways. It reduces your ecological footprint and allows you to make a valuable contribution for future generations. By harnessing the full potential of your residual materials, you also generate added value and can add an attractive and profitable dimension to your business model.

A sustainable circular economy ensures you’re well equipped for the future in addition to increasing your efficiency and profitability.

By significantly improving your carbon footprint, you are visibly demonstrating your ecological responsibility.

Completely recycling and recirculating your organic waste solves disposal problems.

You generate local added value from your waste in the form of biogas & compost.

Fermentation, not Waste Creation.

As a recycling specialist, our expertise lies in recognising the potential that residual materials have to offer and in knowing how this can be used in a way that adds value while also being sustainable. These material flows include:

Communcal Organic Waste

Residual Materials
From Agriculture

Green Waste

Animal Manure

Organic Residual Materials
from Industry & Commerce

Our Solutionsfor your Residual Materials

We offer a range of products and services from small, compact farmyard systems to large modular system solutions for waste disposal companies and municipalities. We will be happy to prepare design & feasibility studies to suit your individual needs.

Our systems and components are produced to a high quality, precise in their interaction, low-maintenance and optimised to your individual requirements. They are also characterised by their high functionality, durability and the greatest possible flexibility in their use.


 Systems for producing biogas from organic residual materials

Biogas can be used as an alternative energy source for heat, electricity or biofuel.


Development of components for an effective combination of dry and wet fermentation

This significantly expands the range of initial substrates that can be used.


Systems for producing green energy sources

Extensive research and development work is currently being conducted for this.

The advantagesof our Fermentation System at a glance

In the process

  • }Time saving
    The process from basic substrate to compost is accelerated
  • 1Optimised infrastructure
    A higher throughput on a smaller area
  • Germ-free fermentation residues
    Controlled hygienisation is possible
  • Extremely reliable
    A low-maintenance system that runs reliably without any moving parts
  • Produces next to no odours
    Reduced odours thanks to a closed system

In the result

  • Protects the environment
    Carbon-neutral production of biogas & raw compost
  • Generates income from energy production
    Own use and feed-in of biogas
  • Generates income from fermentation residue
    Use and sale of compost
  • Allows you to save on fees
    Lower disposal fees for waste requiring supervision

News & Updates

Invest and secure the Environmental Bonus

Invest and secure the Environmental Bonus

For companies that make green investments now, the German government will double the COVID-19 investment premium from 7 to 14 per cent of the initial cost. It now pays off to focus on environmentally friendly development.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or you would like to learn more about our work. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!