GIS Recycling: A new stakeholder in the field of sustainable recyclables management

The recycling industry is being considerably enhanced by a promising Austrian greentech start-up. Since January 2021, the founders of the Lower Austrian company GIS Recycling have made it their mission to support municipalities, agriculture and industry in establishing an efficient and sustainable management system for recyclables that harnesses the potential that a wide variety of different residual materials have to offer in a way that brings them true added value.

GIS Recycling is already prepared to start with innovative dry fermentation systems which can produce biogas from biogenic residual materials in an environmentally friendly and efficient way. This can then be used as heat, electricity or biofuel, for example. There are many advantages for system operators, ranging from saving a considerable amount of time thanks to accelerated processes, optimising infrastructure with a higher throughput on a smaller area and greatly reducing odours, to benefiting from positive environmental effects and generating income through selling biogas and compost.

At the same time, the team around Managing Director Alexander Strasser is also working intensively on developing new technologies using the knowledge of existing processes as well as continuing to develop existing wet fermenter biogas plants.

Both the private sector and the ecosystem will benefit from the development of new green technologies combined with the intelligent use of traditional processes”, assures GIS Recycling Managing Director Alexander Strasser. Ultimately, the responsible use of resources is not only a huge issue for society, but it also opens up new growth markets.

At GIS Recycling, we deliberately combine our wealth of experience in high-quality system engineering with efficient bioenergy production from organic residual materials into a single company that is so far unique in its range of expertise”, explains Gernot Huber, Managing Partner of GIS Recycling GmbH.


Experienced in the industry and committed

The new company is starting out with a committed and well-connected team that has been built up to pave the way for customers from a wide range of sectors, such as municipalities, agriculture and industry, to managing their waste in an economically and ecologically sustainable way.