GIS Recycling receives funding from the state of lower austria for new fermenter prototypes

With a budget totalling €2 million, the Lower Austrian Department of Economic Affairs is currently supporting companies in the test phase of new, innovative products. GIS Recycling has now been awarded the grant to demonstrate the production feasibility of a newly developed and improved type of fermenter.


The new generation of dry fermenters

Our fermenter prototype focuses on individual components that have not yet been used in the dry fermentation process in this form, thus representing a market innovation. For example, we are testing out a stainless steel inner shell, a new door sealing system, overpressure safety devices, a heating system and nozzle configurations, amongst other innovations. The perfect combination of all these components is intended to noticeably increase the performance of a classic dry fermentation system and eliminate any possible weak points.

Thanks to the funding we have received, our prototype can now be implemented in real size sooner than we expected.


Evaluating innovation

The aim of the current funding call of the province of Lower Austria is to support innovative companies in proving the feasibility of patents, introducing new products and developments on the market and building and testing prototypes. A jury of experts from different fields decides on the grants of a maximum of 45 per cent of a project’s eligible costs. When selecting the projects, particular emphasis is placed on criteria such as technical risk, technical novelty, innovative content and market feasibility.